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Contract for our first LNG Bunkering Vessel (LBV) design

On February 25, 2019, has been officialized the signature of Long-Term Charter Contract of LNG Bunkering Vessel between MOL and Pavilion Gas. LMG Marin is proud to announce that the LMG design type LMG 12000-LNG Bunkering Vessel (LBV) forms the basis for this project. She will be built by Sembcorp Marine Yard in Singapore.

This project is the result of a close development cooperation between LMG Marin, Sembcorp Marine, MOL, Pavilion Gas and their partners. This success on the LNG supply market materializes the efforts made by our company during the past years to develop various competitive and innovative LNG Small-Scale and Bunkering Ships Solutions.

This vessel of about 112m length and 22m breadth is designed to carry 12’000 cubic meters of LNG within her two cargo tanks based on GTT Mark III membrane technology. She will be powered by Dual-Fuel Diesel-Electric machinery and fitted with two azimuth thrusters and one bow thruster, guaranteeing high maneuvering capabilities.

To manage efficiently the Boil-Off-Gas (BOG) and maintain a high LNG quality, the gas handling system has been designed to be very flexible, allying the use of BOG for engines feeding through dedicated low duty compressors and the ability to re-liquefy it through a sub-cooling system. During LNG Bunkering operations, the vapor return from the bunkered ship can be either sent to LBV cargo tanks to avoid pressure collapse or treated through the sub-cooling unit for the remaining amount. During LNG loading operations, on-board high duty compressors are used to return the BOG to the shore/terminal. A Gas Combustion Unit is also arranged and sized to guarantee at all times that maximum tank pressure will never be exceeded.

The LMG 12000-LNG Bunkering Vessel is designed to provide LNG Bunkering Services to a large variety of LNG fueled ships such as large containerships, bulk carriers, car carriers, cruise ship, offshore heavy lift vessels or VLCC. This is achieved by the use of cryogenic flexible hoses stored onboard and handled by long reach cranes, connected to the fore LBV bunkering manifold lines on one side, to receiving vessel’s bunker station on the other side.

About Sembcorp Marine
Sembcorp Marine provides innovative engineering solutions to the global offshore, marine and energy industries, drawing upon more than 50 years of track record. Sembcorp Marine focuses on four key capabilities, namely, Rigs & Floaters; Repairs & Upgrades; Offshore Platforms; and Specialized Shipbuilding. The shipyard customers include major oil companies, drilling contractors, shipping companies as well as owners and operators of floating production units. The company owns and operates shipyards and other facilities in Singapore, Indonesia, Norway, the United Kingdom, USA and Brazil.

About MOL (Mitsui-OSK Lines)
Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL), as a multi-modal transport group, meets the needs of the era in a wide variety of fields including dry bulkers such as iron ore carriers, coal carriers, and woodchip carriers, crude oil tankers, LNG carriers and offshore business, methanol carrier, chemical tankers, product tankers, car carriers, ferries, RORO ships, logistics, and containerships that carry a broad range of products. MOL’s activities are truly borderless, based on the operation of one of the world’s largest merchant fleets, backed by expertise and technology developed throughout our over 130-year history. MOL supports the growth of the world economy with the entire globe as our stage, while continually evolving into an excellent and resilient corporate group.

About Pavilion Gas
Pavilion Energy is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Temasek with a fully integrated energy business that encompasses upstream investments, global LNG trading, shipping and optimisation as well as energy hedging and financial solutions. Its wholly-owned subsidiary, Pavilion Gas, is responsible for the marketing and distribution of natural gas in Singapore and the region, including small-scale LNG and LNG bunkering initiatives. Pavilion Gas is a licenced LNG importer for Singapore and an LNG bunker supplier in the Port of Singapore.

About LMG Marin
LMG Marin is a naval architecture as well as ship design and engineering house headquartered in Bergen, Norway, with offices in Poland and France. We celebrate our 75th anniversary this year. Our extensive design and engineering portfolio spans floating structures, platforms and a wide variety of ship types, such as drillships; floating production, storage and offloading vessels (FPSO); floating storage and offloading vessels (FSO); offshore support vessels (OSV); LNG carriers; LNG-powered ships; car ferries; as well as passenger and cruise ships. We also have extensive experience in the design of polar and ice-going ships, with references ranging from arctic ice-breaking coast guard vessels to ice-strengthened ferries for the Baltic region.

LMG Marin is a fully-owned subsidiary of Sembcorp Marine Ltd.

Contract for our first LNG Bunkering Vessel (LBV) design