TBN is a double ended ferry for FinFerries to be delivered by 2022 by Crist Shipyard as their building no P315. The ferry will be running on batteries with bio diesel as back-up and is intended for the Parainen-Nauvo connection in the Turku Archipelago, Finland.


  • Fully redundant battery propulsion
  • Automatic shore charging
  • Redundancy with bio diesel
  • Weight optimized construction
  • Ice strengthened
  • Energy efficient hull design


  • Car capacity: 92 units
  • Trailer capacity: 3 units
  • Passenger capacity: 372 pax


DNVGL +1A FERRY B, E0, R3[fin], Battery(Power), Ice(1B),​ Clean(Tier III), Recyclable,

Design: LMG 92-DEH
Name: TBN
Year build: 2022
Length over all: 104.0
Depth: 5.1
Scope of work: Initial & basic design
Type: Ferry
Owner: FinFerries
Yard/no: Crist S.A.
Beam: 16.5
Speed: 11