Design: LMG 120-RPG Type: RoPax Vessel
Name: Landegode Owner: Torghatten Nord
Year built: 2012 Yard / no: Remontowa / 2410/1
Length over all: 96.0 m Beam: 16.8 m
Depth: 8.5 m Speed: 19 m
Scope of work: Initial & basic design


Landegode is one of four gas powered RoPax vessels delivered in 2012 by Remotowa, Poland, operated by Torghatten Nord on the Vestfjord in the northern part of Norway. The vessel is the first with a gas-mechanic propulsion system and received The SHIPPAX award for innovative propulsion in 2013.


  • Gas powered for lower environmental footprint
  • Gas‐mechanical propulsion
  • Hybrid shaft generator system
  • Active anti-roll fins
  • Two car decks
  • Enclosed car decks


  • Car capacity: 120 units
  • Trailer capacity: 12 units
  • Passenger capacity: 390 pax


DNV +1A1, R0, Car Ferry A, E0, Clean, Gas Fuelled

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