What we do

We provide all design, engineering and documentation required to build ships, floating structures and platforms according to customer needs

Increased customer value

Meeting customer needs and exceeding their expectations forms the foundation of our existence. To achieve this we focus on designing ships, platforms and floating structures with the highest performance possible, introducing the latest technology and making use of state-of-the-art tools through all stages of the design process.

Optimized vessel performance

Our focus is to optimized vessel performance so that the ship owners truly benefit from our designs. This includes among others designing:

  • Drillships and offshore vessels with superior station-keeping and seakeeping capabilities
  • Ferries and high-speed vessels with minimum fuel consumption
  • Cruise vessels with maximized passenger comfort and safety

Latest technology

LMG Marin assist ship owners to introduce cutting-edge, environmentally friendly solutions for their ships. We were pioneers in introducing LNG propulsion, and have several award-winning vessels on our reference list. We have also experience with batteries, hydrogen as well as different type of green technology hybrid solutions.

Design requirements

LMG Marin assist clients with studies and evaluations in order to define design requirements for a given ship in a given trade. This includes logistic studies for supply of LNG fuel, route studies to define fuel consumption and emissions, as well as cargo handling studies. These activities which especially for innovative designs and new technologies are required as basis for the ship design optimization.

State-of-the-art tools

We have the tools and experience to cover all major disciplines within ship design, naval architecture and marine engineering in-house. We are also utilizing document handling and project management tools and solutions of the highest standards. This is increasing the accuracy and flexibility of the design process and securing quality products to our customers.

All stages of the design process

LMG Marin cover all stages of the design process, from a first sketch on the back-of-an-envelope to workshop drawings and sea-trial verification. We have the project management experience and capability to handle large, multi-disciplinary projects covering initial-, basic- and detail design